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Check Valve
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Power Steation Globe
Pit electricity Valve
Copper fittings
About Us

     Shanghai Liang Germany Valve Co., Ltd. is located in the town of Fengxian District, Shanghai 4 Group 6 Group 622 10 Village Road, is a collection development, production, sales and technical service as one of the valve manufacturers. Products are widely used in high-rise building, fire systems, water companies, boilers, power stations, petrochemical and other industries. Strictly in accordance with national GB calibration manufacturing, product key components are used imported materials. User commitment is a dare, "the product quality warranty for three years," the industry strong. Products sold for three years, if quality problems, the company provides repair, or replacement. Company's products run under standard conditions, such as quality problems arise, you only need to call the company phone, the company will send a 24-hour on-site service and technical personnel. The company holds the "quality of survival, with the service and development" business philosophy, constantly introducing new technologies, new materials, commitment to product performance, after-sales service. Company staff wholeheartedly with the new and old customers hand in hand together to create a better future.

We firmly believe that "no best, only better"!

Shanghai Liang De Valve Co., Ltd.
Address: Mission Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai 4 10 6 Section 622 villages    Post201412